Autumn in Central Maine

Seeing the Autumn in Maine was on my list! Flying above the beautiful leaves was a sight for sore eyes. Portland Maine was beautiful to see from the airplane coming in for our landing. Hubby and I rented a car once we got off the airplane and headed out to get a lobster lunch! Such a treat! And then off to see this lighthouse! Another treat! The oldest lighthouse in Maine is the Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth.

Maine, Oldest Lighthouse in Maine, Portland Maine

Our lunch was delicious! Fresh lobster. John was our server at a little, quaint lobster shack. Scarborough Fish and Lobster was delicious and a nice welcome to Maine.

Maine Lobster, Scarborough Fish & Lobster
Scarborough Fish and Lobster Maine

Lobster for 2!! Hubby and I enjoyed our first lunch in Maine! Gluten Free deliciousness to include cole slaw.

Androscoggin Swinging Bridge was beautiful to walk on and take in the Fall leaves with so many shades of color.

Androscoggin Swinging Bridge
Maine Bridges, Androscoggin Swinging Bridge

I love this photo of the bridge with the reflection on the water. It was so tranquil taking in the surrounding area with gorgeous leaf colors.

Maine, New England Fall
Soup For You Cafe, Gluten Free Maine, Farmington Maine, Gluten Free Farmington
Soup for You, Gluten Free Maine, Gluten Free Soup, Gluten Free

Soup for You Café was the perfect spot in Farmington Maine for a gluten free lunch! I ordered the BBQ 3 Bean Chicken Chili with a Neuman Sandwich on gluten free bread, toasted! They were both beyond delicious!

Rome Maine, Fall in Maine

The leaves were just breathtaking in October 2018. The Fall scent was just as wonderful as the sight of yellows and oranges.

And then it was lunchtime again!! A gluten free hunt (using the Find Me Gluten Free App) brought me to 99 Restaurant Pub & Grill in Augusta Maine. I would definitely eat at this restaurant again! They were very knowledgable about gluten free as well as cross contamination. I ordered the Balsamic Grilled Chicken (which arrived with 2 breasts!), served with steamed broccoli and red mashed potatoes. It was so filling and fabulous!

99 Restaurant & Pub Augusta Maine, gluten free food maine, gluten free food augusta, gluten free 99 Restaurant & Pub, balsamic grilled chicken, gluten free balsamic grilled chicken

Vienna Baptist Church, Vienna Maine
Sunset Marina Portland Maine
Portland Maine, Portland, Maine, Sunset Marina

We barely made it to the Sunset Marina in Portland in time to see the boats and water before sunset. The boats were so pretty sitting on the water.

Fall in Maine

Just look at this beautiful scenery. This area is called Blueberry Hill. The leaves are just a beautiful blend of Fall shades.

Maine, Central Maine, Fall in Maine

Happy Fall, Rose

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