Carnival Glory 7 Night Cruise

I knew this cruise aboard the Carnival Glory was going to be wonderful, but just didn’t know quite how wonderful! The time from stepping aboard the ship and meeting with the Maître d to stepping off the ship was beyond fabulous! The entertainment, the food, the excursions and the serenity among so many other things was just a dream. So begin clicking and scrolling away to get a feel of this cruise aboard the Carnival Glory in all of its glory!!

Our family was so excited for months for this cruise! There were 8 of us and my oldest daughter Meg decided family t-shirts were in order. So she designed and printed them! So cute……CRUISE. EAT. SLEEP. REPEAT. We were ready!! We loved the Carnival Glory. I hope you enjoy our review of this very fun-ship!

Carnival Glory Family Photo

I was able to meet with the Maître d between 1-3 p.m. on the first day shortly after we got on the ship. He was extremely kind and completely understood the severity of Celiac Disease and how important it was to avoid cross contamination. One of the Hostesses, Alex, was the next one I spoke with. She relayed to me how seriously they take cooking gluten free food and that they wanted me to completely relax and know I was going to be in good hands the entire week. Well……I could have cried, but I just hugged her tightly instead! It’s the little things that really are the BIG things! Can you tell how happy I was?

Carnival Glory Hostess,Carnival Glory,Carnival Cruise Lines,gluten free Carnival Glory

I ordered my initial dinner for the first night right then and there. From the appetizers to the soup to the main course and then dessert! WOW! I knew it was going to be some good food for ME!!! And it was!!! Just Glory-ous!!

Carnival Glory,Carnival Glory dinner,Carnival Glory Sweet and Sour Shrimp,gluten free carnival glory, gluten free sweet and sour shrimp

The first night’s dinner did not disappoint. In fact, it was so good, I couldn’t wait until the next night. Gluten Free Sweet and Sour Shrimp with fried rice, Carnival Chocolate Melting Cake WITH vanilla ice cream! I brought my own Gluten Free Tamari Sauce with me from home. San-J gave me an adorable carrying container along with travel sauce packets at the Atlanta Gluten Free Allergen Friendly Expo. How handy they were!!!

Carnival Melting Chocolate Cake, Carnival gluten free cake,Carnival Glory Chocolate Melting Cake

Our waiter Gideon, for the week of this cruise, gave me the menu for the next night, so I could order what exactly I wanted. It was then prepared ahead of time, just for me in the galley where 3 chefs were working hard just for ME! Our 2 hour dinner time, was delightful! EVERY night! We didn’t miss one meal in the main dining room. It’s just that good!!!

Carnival Glory Menus,gluten free menu Carnival

Carnival Glory Elegant Dining
Carnival Cruiselines, Carnival, Carnival Glory

Our destinations for the week were San Juan, St Thomas, Dominican Republic and Grand Turk at Turks and Caicos. We had just beautiful weather at each port of call. Excursions are available on each stop or you can just enjoy a quick stroll off the ship and get right back on to enjoy the peace and quiet of an abandoned ship! No lines while getting lunch!

Carnival Blue Iguana, Carnival Glory Blue Iguana, Carnival Glory Gluten Free, gluten free carnival glory, carnival glory gluten free foods

Carnival Glory Ice Cream,Carnival Glory,Carnival Glory gluten free ice cream
Carnival Cruise lines, Carnival Glory,Castillo San Felipe del Morro, San Juan, San Juan Fort

We enjoyed touring the 16th Century Castillo San Felipe del Morro Fort in San Juan. So interesting and has beautiful views of the sea and city. Be sure to bring a camera to get some great shots while touring the northeastern-most point of the islet. The fort was designed to guard the entrance to the San Juan Bay and defend the Spanish colonial port city of San Juan from seaborne enemies.

Carnival Glory Spa, Carnival Glory, Carnival Cruiselines, Carnival Spa

Somehow, I received a FREE manicure coupon in my stateroom! So I made an appointment to take care of that! Honestly, it was the best manicure I have ever received. My nails looked perfect. They definitely go the extra mile with the Spa as well! It was awesome!

St Thomas was a fun stop. We rode a taxi over to Maegan’s Bay for a beach day. It’s a $14 per person cab ride fee (each way!) and then a $5 entrance fee into the beach park. We brought our beach towels from the ship and enjoyed hanging out on the beach for several hours. If you prefer, you may rent chairs when you arrive at the beach.

Magen's Bay St Thomas, Carnival Glory, Carnival Cruise Lines, Carnival, Magen's Bay

This is my youngest daughter Kate and niece Chels! Full day in the sun and getting stung by jelly fish in knee deep water. The water is gorgeous!! don’t you think?

Iguana St Thomas

Check out this big guy! I discovered this iguana when walking around on Magen’s Bay. He was about 2 feet long. Pretty cool, huh?

Flowrider,Carnival Cruise,Carnival,Carnival Glory

Carnival Glory, Carnival Cruise Lines, Carnival Glory Flowrider, Carnival Flowrider

Grand Turk was so much fun! The kids and Uncle Tim decided to try out the Flowrider! What a hoot! Our family was really quite good and held their own. It wasn’t terribly busy so everyone kept getting turns over and over pretty quickly. This really was a fun excursion to sign up for.

Carnival Glory Fieri Burgers, gluten free burgers,Guy Fieri, Guy Fieri Burger Joint, Carnival gluten free food, Carnival Glory, Carnival Cruise Lines, Guy Fieri

Oh my goodness….the Guy Fieri Burger Joint was a gluten free paradise! Check out these fries and yummy burger. The bun was pretty good, just not super moist. But better than a lettuce wrap that’s for sure. And Guy’s Secret Sauce is even gluten free! A worker at the Burger Joint told me to just make eye contact with him when I wanted a burger and he would prepare mine in the back off the line. Which is what exactly happened! Look at the melted cheese and the juicy burger. It was a highlight!

Carnival Glory, Carnival, Carnival Cruise Lines,Guy Fieri, Guy Fieri Burger Joint, gluten free burgers, gf burgers, Carnival Glory food

An autographed table in the Guy Fieri Burger Joint Area! Fun!

Amber Cove Dominican Republic

Care to get off the ship for a bit and have some quiet time to catch some rays or swim? So pretty! Just another excursion to choose from!

Flowers in Amber Cove Dominican Republic
Amber Cove

Amber Cove Excursion
Carnival Glory mac n cheese, gluten free macaroni and cheese, gluten free mac n cheese, carnival cruise lines, carnival food, carnival gluten free food

Okay, this is honestly the BEST macaroni and cheese I HAVE EVER HAD! I let everyone at our table taste it, and no one could tell it wasn’t gluten free! So cheesy and creamy and ‘hello bacon’!!! Super hot when it was delivered to my place setting! Which means it was not just sitting there for a while. Poured into the bowl and taken right out to the dining room! LOVED IT!!

Carnival Glory, Gluten Free Carnival, GF Carnival, Gluten Free Chicken Milanese

One of my favorite dishes for dinner! It’s gluten free Chicken Milanese with charred lemon and sautéed green beans. The salty taste from the olives went so well with the sautéed onions, and crunchy crust! It was fabulous!!!

Carnival Glory Apple Cobbler, Carnival Glory gluten free apple cobbler, Carnival Apple Cobbler

And just another delicious dessert…..Gluten Free Apple Cobbler! Warm, full of cinnamon and apples! The crumb topping on the top was perfect!

Heart Shaped Wishes, Rose

Carnival Glory towel animals

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