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Can’t you tell how good everything was at Chick-a-Biddy in Atlanta Georgia? Chick-a-Biddy is one of my favorite places to eat! Especially if the girls are with me. Gluten free onion rings, gluten free fries AND chicken tenders! I especially won the clean plate club award! The owner has the most wonderful recipes and the staff is extremely competent when dealing with Celiac Disease. It’s such warm comfort food to me. And after not having the most delicious onion rings in ages, I can confidently eat at Chick-a-Biddy to get them! Let me let you be the judge, just by seeing the picture…….

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Crunchy with sweet onions! The staff is very friendly and helpful. Every time I receive my order, I always ask “It’s gluten free, right?” Just because it all looks and tastes so normal. And I am never disappointed. Yes, it’s always gluten free and beyond fabulous!

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And lets talk about the gluten free mac & cheese for a sec! Oh myyyyyyy……..SO CREAMY and CHEESY! And the noodles are just right, never mushy! They have multiple gluten free sauces to dip the chicken in. I prefer the wasabi honey! Just a little kick after a couple of seconds.

Eating more chicken, Rose

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