Our family has begun a family tradition of heading to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge Tennessee each year. Did you know if you arrive at Dollywood at 3 p.m. and pay for that day, you then get the next day free? Such a great deal, especially if you are with more than another person! Because everything usually adds up way to fast! The Fall is especially beautiful as you drive through the Great Smoky Mountains on the way.

Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

We were able to enjoy the LumiNights at Dollywood this year, along with the Fall Harvest Festival AND the Southern Gospel Jubilee. The park was beautiful as we walked all around.

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Check them out on iTunes or their website for their touring schedule  Just beautiful gospel music. I spoke with Tabitha following the show and she was just as sweet and gracious as she could be.  The seating is very casual and you may sit wherever you would like. If you don’t have the time to enjoy the entire 40 minute show, just sit towards the back and sneak out whenever you need to.


Rose was our Hostess at the Back Porch Cafè who greeted everyone with a smile as she took names on the seating list and brought us to our table. How fun it was to have the same first and middle name of someone. We felt sort of related in a fun way!! Everyone must enjoy working at Dollywood, because it is packed with friendly people always willing to answer questions, greet you with a “hello” and a smile. I am constantly telling people it’s a step back in time.

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The LumiNights was beautifully decorated with bright Fall colors, fun themes and beautifully carved pumpkins.

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The second day we were in Dollywood, it was raining the entire time. Not a hard pouring rain, but just enough to put a damper on riding the roller coasters. It was cold and rainy. Well, did you know Dollywood has a rain check policy that if you need to leave early, you may request a rain check to return on another day. How nice is that?! We did exactly that, and hope to return to Dollywood over Christmas break again with the family.

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When you are driving through Pigeon Forge, there are so many fun places for the entire family. Whether you want to do some shopping in the many outlet stores, try homemade candies, attend a comedy show, ride go carts or did I mention shopping?!!

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There is a little something for everyone at Stages West. The workers are so nice and very willing to help you out in any way. There is always a clearance rack to choose from in addition to the newest season’s fashions. The selection of clothing is so terrific. Everything is put together so well with other items, which allows you to get so many ideas to add to your own wardrobe.

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The roller coaster riding people didn’t eat as much as me in the mornings, but I filled up so I wouldn’t need to snack before lunch.

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Did you know Dolly Parton began donating books to each child of Sevier County TN (where Dolly was born and raised) back in 1995? They were each given a book each year from birth until 5 years old. This tradition continues and grew into the idea of Imagination Library. Check it out

I love Dolly, Rose

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