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Elsie’s Pickles ~ Haddon Township

Updated: Feb 20

What a great place! Elsie’s Pickles is the place to go for lunch. Everything is absolutely delicious and the options are endless. It’s a wonderful spot for sugar free and gluten free DILL-iciousness!

The menu is extensive and you can change up and substitute if you want to, to make up your own sandwich. Choose from Roast Beef, Roasted Turkey, Salami, Homemade Cole Slaw, Homemade Thousand Island Dressing and the list goes on and on!

Spicy Buffalo ChickenNOW THAT’S A SANDWICH!

The pickle is the substitute for the bread. The insides are scooped out to make room for the fillings. Choose which lunch meat you would like as well as veggies and sauces. Top with potato chips or not. The potato chips are even gluten free. I had a bag of Sour Cream and Onion with ripples and had not had those in years! SO GOOD! The potato chip company is Herr’s, based out of Pennsylvania. A new favorite for me!

Don’t want a sandwich? How about roll-ups?

Their portions are so plentiful that I was able to make an additional meal out of what I ordered for lunch.

It’s the Real Dill! From beginning to end……

Step #1

Step #2

Step #3

These pickles are seriously the best!

Pickle juice or pickle brine has some great nutritional value. Pickle juice can help control blood sugar, and because it is fermented, it’s good for your digestive system. So it’s boosting for your gut health and it also relieves muscle cramps. Pickle juice is loaded with antioxidants and contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

At Elsie’s you can always get a free swig of pickle juice as they have a dispenser & cups right on their counter. They also give away containers of their pickle brine. All you have to do is bring your own container. How great is that!

Now Katherine is just as sweet as she can be and so is her daughter Lenin (their littlest pickle proprietor). Just to include a bit about their sweet character…….In my haste of trying to get a photo with them before they closed, I set my purse down on the floor….BIG MISTAKE…As my entire life is in my purse when I am traveling! Got a great photo (See Below), but I left my purse in their store, as my family and I headed out to our next location.

The one and only Katherine and Lenin

Katherine emailed me, but I didn’t see that and didn’t notice my purse was not with me until I went to get out of the car at our next stop. We immediately called Elsie’s, fearing for the worst. But Katherine and Lenin were waiting for me so they could return my purse. So an hour later past their closing time, I was able to retrieve my purse, and my life! haha So again, THANK YOU Katherine, for being so kind and thoughtful. I sure wish I lived closer, because I would be in every week for lunch! It’s Dill-icious!

Since we arrived just before they closed for the day, I was unable to capture enough photos for this feature. Most of the photos in this feature are courtesy of Elsie’s Pickles. So, once again Katherine, thank you! It really was a pleasure meeting you and sweet Lenin. I hope to make it in again one of these days.

This Girl Loves Pickles, Rose

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