Gluten Free Chocolate Toffee No-Bake Cookies

I discovered this recipe on Food Network’s Farmhouse Rules. Making them gluten free was all I needed to do to enjoy them myself. You will love these! I had my taste tester, Kate, give me her opinion after a little bite… was a definite “YUM”! I was so happy to see these cookies on an episode of Nancy Fuller’s Farmhouse Rules. They are a new favorite!

Gluten Free Chocolate Toffee No-Bake Cookies

2 TBS butter 1/2 cup (4 oz bar) bittersweet chocolate 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate 1 cup gluten free peanut butter 1/2 cup toffee bits 1/2 tsp salt 3 cups gluten free oats

Line a cookie sheet with waxed paper. In a large pot, add first five ingredients and begin to melt on the stove top. Add salt and oats and mix well, stirring for about 3-5 minutes, until well blended. Drop by heaping tablespoons onto waxed paper lined cookie sheet. Freeze for about 15 minutes. Store in air tight container in refrigerator for 1 week.

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