Gluten Free Whoopie Pie

I had never heard of this brand before. And you know how it goes? Some gluten free items look so much better in the package or on the front of the package than they actually taste. Well Gillian’s gluten free whoopie pie passed the test!! It was delicious! I was thinking for a birthday, this would be fabulously delicious paired with ice cream!

Since Gillian’s originates in Salem MA, it may not reach you at your favorite grocery store location. But if you are in Upstate NY (which is where I found this delectable!), I know you can get it there! When I go back up there to visit my family and friends, I will be buying another whoopie pie, and making sure I have some ice cream to go with it!

Looking at Gillian’s website was fun! Check out all they have to offer. Looks like fun cupcakes as well, you know for those special birthday parties. If you have a little kiddo who is invited to a birthday party, bring a cupcake ahead of time to the mom of the birthday kiddo. That way your little one will feel more included at the birthday party. You know, instead of bringing one with you when you drop your little off. Have some speciality cupcakes on hand, stored in the freezer, which will make for a quick addition to any birthday party.

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