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I had the privilege of partnering with Hong Kong Disneyland while on a quick layover with Hubby in September! It was such a fun park full of kind employees who were extremely conscientious, polite and hard working. We had a hot, bright, sunny day and since it was during the week the crowds weren’t bad at all. My first sight upon entering Hong Kong Disneyland was Mickey and Minnie themselves!!! What a treat to see them both together in their iconic traditional costumes! There was only a slight line and both Mickey and Minnie were happy to pose for photos with everyone. What a perfect way to begin my “Magical Day” at Hong Kong Disneyland! Feel free to compare to the Disney parks you have been to and comment below to let me know your favorite parts. I would love to hear about it!

Such a handsome fella! All of the mannerisms of both Mickey and Minnie were adorable. They were both so sweet!

Could they be any cuter!?  Look at her foot pose and the tilted head. Just adorable!

The Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad, a narrow gauge railroad,  is the first attraction seen when entering the park. It opened together with the park on September 12, 2005. The Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad is the first attraction seen when entering the park. The train transports guests around the park which is also known as the “Grand Circle Tour”.  It’s about a 15 minute ride.

This is a view of Hong Kong Disneyland Main Street. To me the castle design looked similar to the Anaheim Disneyland castle.   I learned it is going through a major construction. The transformation of HKDL castle is already underway. The transformed castle will pay tribute to 13 Disney Princess stories and take the park to new heights with all-new day and nighttime entertainment on a new outdoor stage.  Hong Kong Disneyland is the only Disney park where the castle is nestled in mountains.

“This is a completely reimagined take on a Disney castle and a first-of-its-kind transformation at a Disney Park,” said Samuel Lau, executive vice president and managing director of the resort. “Our castle will be transformed to emphasize the power of pursuing your dreams. We’re confident the majestic design, which will serve as an amazing backdrop for new entertainment, will resonate with our local and international guests. The castle transformation also signifies the continuous growth of the park, especially with the multi-year expansion happening over the next six years.”

Kelly Willis, executive creative director of Walt Disney Imagineering Asia, said,

“After its transformation, the castle will be much more than a regal sight for guests to enjoy and take photos of; it will also symbolize the aspirations and hopes of Hong Kong people and the city’s spirit of evergreen renewal, where there’s always something new to try.”

“The skyward spires will echo how the Hong Kong spirit of courageously reaching for your dreams,” added Willis. “Just like our varied Disney Princesses, Hong Kong is a mosaic of different cultures and dreams. While still being true to the classic Disney castle look, the transformed castle will have a fresh, uplifting design that reaches ever skyward. As HKDL’s iconic centerpiece, it will stand as an architectural achievement that is grander, more magnificent and entirely unique. Overall, it will be a shining symbol of hopes and aspirations.” WOW! Big changes coming to HK Disneyland. I look forward to going back to get an updated photo of the castle! It’s going to be spectacular!!

The other view of Main Street looking towards the backside of the entrance. Again not many people in September during the middle of the week……the perfect time to go! The park is extremely clean as attentive cast members are walking around tending to the upkeep.

Such a beautiful design of It’s A Small World! The colors are so beautiful. And you can hear the clock “tick tock tick tock” as it goes side to side.

I love the inside just as much as the outside. The artistic details of each animal and little person are just incredible. Let alone all of the details of colors, flowers, leaves

Everything is well marked and easy to figure out. Plan on purchasing a subway card at a customer service station. The employees are very nice and helpful. And they speak English! That’s a good thing! One other thing to remember is to scan going through the turnstile to get on the subway and scan again when you are leaving the subway area.

Alice in Wonderland was twirling all around the area near It’s A Small World. She was very animated and attentive to the guests. It was very easy to get a photo with her.

And then there’s Moana! This beautiful gal was tied for first place favorite right up there with Mickey and Minnie for me!  What a treat! Moana was hanging out in Adventureland, completely in her character as she described to me how she used her canoe and paddled to get to Hong Kong Disneyland! She was beautiful and so sweet to everyone waiting in line to see her right before her show! Moana: A Homecoming Celebration is only showcasing at HK Disneyland.  It’s amazing to say the least! According to Hong Kong Disneyland, the show features over 30 tailor-made props, specially-created costumes and handcrafted decorations, all based on the animated film, “Moana,” and traditional Polynesian culture. The creative team behind the show spent over a year preparing the costume designs for the performers and drummers, inspired by the styles traditionally worn in parts of the Pacific Islands, including Fiji, Samoa and Tahiti. The music and dances are also designed to celebrate the culture and the film. Once again, Disney comes through with incredible costumes, architecture, designs and details as seen in the hit animated film Moana!

This new show, features inspirational visual storytelling, dancing, puppetry and music, as it recounts the adventures of Moana after she returns to her home village of Motunui. The show is set in an entirely new outdoor venue in Adventureland at Jungle Junction. Hong Kong Disneyland is undergoing a multi-year expansion spanning from 2018 to 2023. Moana: A Homecoming Celebration is the first of many exciting entertainments to come that will be offered during this huge expansion.

These ears are all the rage at Hong Kong Disneyland worn by young women. Most of the ladies have their name embroidered on the back of the set of adorable ears. Allow me to introduce you to ShellieMay!  ShellieMay is the cute, pink bear created by Minnie Mouse to be a friend for Duffy, The Disney Bear. She is a big hit at Tokyo DisneySea, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, Aulani, and Shanghai Disneyland.

Now this ride is just my speed! Dumbo The Flying Elephant Ride is so sweet and again, just look at all of the details. So Fun!

Some excitement in Tomorrowland…….

Now this is Hubby’s idea of a ride!  I waited on a bench while he thoroughly enjoyed it! People were coming out of the exit from the ride with huge smiles, talking a mile a minute (although I had no idea what they were saying!) and waving their arms all around. Yikes! The park spent more than three years to design and create Iron Man Experience — complete with flight simulators, 3-D projection, surround sound and other special effects that immerse guests in the Marvel story of a battle with the evil forces of Hydra. Very impressive!

This was more of a family ride where little kiddos were running in alongside parents and grandparents.

Another ride, the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad, that I thoroughly enjoyed as we were able to see a bird’s eye view of a portion of the park.  Did you know that Roy O. Disney (this train’s namesake) was the partner and co-founder of  Walt Disney Productions which then became The Walt Disney Company, along with his younger brother Walt Disney?

Thank you Hong Kong Disneyland Publicity Department for the opportunity to cover this wonderful park on my blog. Thank you for the additional information, maps, several images and welcoming me with open arms and a huge smile! I really appreciate your hospitality and I cannot wait to return to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Have a Magical Day, Rose

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