Hong Kong in September

Coming in for a landing to the Hong Kong International Airport. It’s a bit hazy, but that’s typical for China. So many buildings here in Hong Kong! They call it the Vertical City, because they can build up pretty easily. It’s tougher to build out due to not much space. Hong Kong was delightful and I can’t wait to go back! I hope you enjoy the 2 days of images I was able to capture…….

We stayed at the Novotel Citygate Hotel in Hong Kong. Very accommodating gluten free breakfast! We ate there both mornings.

Oh, let’s not forget dessert! Gluten Free Cookies with hot tea! So delicious! Novotel Citygate Hotel thought of everything!

Thank you Hong Kong Disneyland for partnering with me to feature their incredibly magical park! From Mickey himself to Sweet Moana, and choosing English over Cantonese on the Jungle River Cruise. It’s a Small World being over in China soaking in all of Hong Kong Disneyland. Such a great treat for our second day. Hong Kong Disneyland is the only Disney park nestled in mountains.

Click on this link to see more details of Hong Kong Disneyland along with more beautiful photos: http://unexpecteddiscoveries.com/2018/10/02/hong-kong-disneyland

Moana: A Homecoming Celebration is only showcasing at Hong Kong Disneyland.  It’s amazing to say the least! According to Hong Kong Disneyland, the show features over 30 tailor-made props, specially-created costumes and handcrafted decorations, all based on the animated film, “Moana,” and traditional Polynesian culture. And Moana is just as sweet and beautiful in person!

This boat is part of the Aberdeen floating village (Chinese: 香港仔水上人家) which is located at the Aberdeen Harbor in the Southern District of Hong Kong. The local people go out fishing during the days in these boats. The fishermen and their families used to make their homes in the boats as well, but apparently these days most retire in high rises at the end of the day.

The beautiful architecture of the Po Lin Monastery.

After an action packed day, we headed to Discovery Bay for dinner at Hemingway’s which is a laid-back waterfront bar/restaurant with a broad Vegan menu including Gluten Free options. I enjoyed two dishes that night; Potato Skins and Nachos with homemade guacamole!

Hong Kong Bay was beautiful at sunset. Lots to see and do on and near the water. We caught a 15 minute ferry ride back to our hotel.

What a whirlwind of 2 days!! I hope to make it back on one of hubby’s Hong Kong layovers again before too long! I will then continue exploring more of Hong Kong Disneyland and sharing the details along with more beautiful photos of such an incredible destination. Let me know which of these photos you enjoyed seeing the most. Make a comment below……..

Until Next Time, Rose

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