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David is so passionate about Waco, his tours of Waco and encouraging others. I wish we would have had time to enjoy a tour that everyone walking by was raving about, but our itinerary was so completely full, we just couldn’t fit it in! We will next trip though! David gave us an overview of his tours and show episode. David told us that his 2 1/2 tour of Waco reflects the warmth and history of Waco. It’s more than a city tour as his clients really bond well by getting to know each other and just plain have fun. He mentioned how authentic and real Chip and Joanna are as well as the people behind the cameras, designers and producers from the show Fixer Upper. He also mentioned how great it was working in that environment and that it was one big family. David said the house he purchased completely reflected his own personal story from being broken to restored and renewed by Jesus Christ. He shares his personal, humble and deep from the heart testimony on YouTube in addition to various church youth groups and camp events. “We all have a story!” ~ David Ridley  It was a pleasure to meet David as he is a genuine, sweet, caring and hospitable young man. Ladies, he is no longer an eligible bachelor as he is happily married since last summer! Blessings to you David and we can’t wait to take in your tour next time we are in town.

Deep in the heart of Texas, Rose

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