Meet John & Judy Hargreaves

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John & Judy Hargreaves are alpaca farmers and own Hillcrest Farm in Sauquoit NY. They are hardworking to say the least as their day begins very early with a multitude of chores to accomplish. They are the sweetest couple, one of my favorites living in Upstate NY doing what they love to do. Their farm is not far from my hometown of Utica NY. They started their alpaca farm with 6 alpacas, two females, two males and two babies and now have a grand total of 39.  I love spending time on the farm with John and Judy. I have learned so much from them about alpacas from their personalities to their fleece to their teeth!! Check out my special feature post on John and Judy to learn more about them and their alpaca farm. Just click on link below for some fun info.

Hillcrest Alpaca Farm – Sauquoit NY

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