Pure Knead Gluten Free Bread

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This gluten free bread is a win-win for so many people with different needs.

Gluten Free • Dairy/Casein Free • Egg Free • Fish Free • Peanut Free • Soy Free • Shellfish Free • Tree Nut Free • Vegan

Pure Knead gluten free bread products are carried in many Kroger locations in Georgia and parts of Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky and South Carolina. Look for them in the Natural Foods Freezer section. I always keep two loaves handy in my freezer at home!

When I want an old-fashioned tomato sandwich, I just pop two slices in the microwave and cook for 30 seconds. When I want a slice of toast, or a BLT, I do the same thing and then use my gluten free toaster. It’s truly perfect for every type of sandwich! There is no crumbling. A sandwich that stays completely together AND has that back in the day taste! You remember the one! No gritty, mealy or weird aftertaste which is so unpleasant and typical with gluten free bread.

You have got to taste this bread! It’s AMAZING!

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