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One of the things that is so incredible with this restaurant organization (OG Hospitality Group) is the charitable donations to their community that have been made since 2007. One charity that really caught my attention was If there is a police officer, fire fighter, or licensed EMT who loses their life while on duty, the family is immediately given a check for $5,000 to help with the initial hardship. The giving goes beyond that to scholarships for children, mortgage payments, insurance and more. Since 2007, these restaurants have been a part of contributing $920,000 in charitable donations to the local community. I am so proud to share this post with you and to remind all of us how important and significant it is to give back.

Corner Pub & Grill St Louis, St Louis Gluten Free, Gluten Free St Louis

The Chesterfield Shack location has a “commissary kitchen”. That is where they make their gluten free fried pickles and chicken strips. The are all hand breaded and frozen. The pickles and chicken are then delivered to the other locations to be fried as ordered. Having a commissary kitchen allows them to be “safe” as they are preparing in a gluten free environment for those of us gluten intolerant or with Celiac Disease.

We began the next day, Saturday at Shack Breakfast & Lunch in Frontenac. Bacon??…. I LOVE bacon…….

Shack Breakfast & Lunch, St Louis Gluten Free Food, Gluten Free Food St Louis,

You need to read their gluten free story on their website:  Hanna was diagnosed at 10 years old with Celiac Disease. Her Dad Brant decided to open a restaurant so she would have some delicious foods to eat. What an encouragement Hanna is for those of you with young kids diagnosed with Celiac Disease! And what an encouragement for parents of someone with Celiac Disease to see what Brant did for his daughter that helps others with Celiac Disease. Things do get better, symptoms go away and it’s less overwhelming over time. Hanna is a thriving, healthy young adult, going away to college and loving her family! She is able to manage eating gluten free while away at college. One of the things that Hanna missed the most after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease was being able to eat french fries. Me too!!

It was a pleasure to speak with her and her dad while at the Shack location in Frontenac.

Shack Breakfast & Lunch, St Louis Gluten Free, Gluten Free St Louis,

Shack Breakfast & Lunch, St Louis Gluten Free Food, Gluten Free Food in St Louis
Shack Breakfast and Lunch St Louis, St Louis Gluten Free, Gluten Free Food St Louis, Gluten Free Breakfast St Louis

The gluten free menu at Shack was so appealing and extensive!  It was hard to choose! I decided to order three things that Hubby and I could share. Ok,okay, actually four things~I started off with a hot chocolate. Then got down to the nitty gritty! A skillet dish Everything But The Kitchen Sink was recommended by Hanna (great suggestion Hanna!), LOVED IT!  The skillet dish included ham, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, onion, red and green bell peppers and white cheddar! And two eggs. Our waiter Tyler suggested to get the two fried eggs fried so it adds some runniness to the dish. It was sooooo good! The greek yogurt banana split was beautiful and delicious! Everything was so yummy. Nice portions, fresh and beyond fabulous!

St Louis Gluten Free, Gluten Free Food St Louis, The Shack STL, Shack Breakfast and Lunch

The King Lives Pancake — Holy Cow it was good! A huge gf pancake with bananas, mini chocolate chips, bacon with a peanut butter drizzle, topped with a ball of butter and syrup on the side. This was seriously the BEST breakfast I think I have ever had! Brant, you need to put a Shack in Georgia!!

Shack Breakfast & Lunch, St Louis Gluten Free Food, Gluten Free St Louis

The Corner Pub & Grill, St Louis Gluten Free,
Corner Pub & Grill St Louis, St Louis Corner Pub & Grill, Gluten Free Food St Louis, St Louis Gluten Free Food

ALL of this food was nothing short of one unexpected discovery after another! I cannot wait to pop back in the Spring for my fill of more gluten free foods at The Corner Pub & Grill as well as Shack Breakfast & Lunch. Look for more locations coming soon Missouri friends and watch out Denver! I really think Atlanta should be on the “list”! Honestly, my weekend was made in St. Louis because of this wonderful food!

Eating my way through St. Louis (and feeling like Miss Piggy!), Rose

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