Silos Baking Co., Waco Texas ~ Trip #1

People are lined up around the corner of the building of Silos Baking Co. The line moves surprisingly fast. It is definitely a well run operation on the inside. People are quick to order which makes the line keep moving. I was impressed.

A fun shopping bag to boot! Every little detail was so much fun to see and be a part of! Going on this trip for the first time and getting the lay of the land was perfect for our first visit. Our next trip will include a lot of the same things but definitely will have some other new things up our sleeves to add on to Trip #2! Can’t wait!

Spring has sprung at Silos Baking Co. Just look at these lovely flower boxes on the side of the bakery. The design of the bakery is so efficient that after you order and then receive your order, there is a side door to exit.  As soon as people scoot out, more people are allowed in the front door.

There’s plenty of space everywhere to sit and relax. Or to just sit down and enjoy what you just purchased at the bakery. Perfect spots to soak it all in. The flower and plants are just beautiful all around the property. It’s so relaxing that you would never know that 30,000 visitors from around the world pass through the Magnolia Market at the Silos each week.

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Waltzing Across Texas, Rose

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