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Taqueria El Vecino ~ Decatur Georgia

Updated: Mar 1

Another Unexpected Discovery for me as I used the Find Me Gluten Free App! Taqueria El Vecino in Decatur GA was fabulous. They have an abundance of gluten free options! AND a designated fryer. Taqueria El Vecino was a great find! Just to hear the words “designated fryer” puts me at ease as I know the restaurant is intentional.

Delicious homestyle Mexican meals

I ordered the Stuffed Avocado. It was a fried avocado filled with shredded chicken and cheddar jack cheese and roasted tomato sauce. It was served with a chicken enchilada, rice and beans. Full of flavor and such a large portion. You really could eat half and take the other half home for another meal! The meal was full of flavor and the chips were super fresh and warm. Multiple salsas to choose from as well.

Peeking inside the Stuffed Avocado

Taqueria El Vecino – The neighborhood Mexican restaurant

Taqueria El Vecino is located on LaVista Road in Decatur GA. It is WELL worth the stop! The Manager or El Jefe, Rob Atherhold, is very attentive and patient as he explains the gluten free possibilities and assures Celiacs will be safe in his restaurant. I can’t tell you how much that is appreciated, Rob! I can’t wait to go back to try another dish and their Sunday Brunch! Way to go Taqueria El Vecino!

Hasta Luego, Rose

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