Temple of Heaven – Beijing China

Just a lovely day as we are on our way to the Temple of Heaven Park. A little time on public transportation and lots of walking but an absolutely beautiful day to be out and about! This sweet lady, just look at her kind smiling face, as she is selling her fresh fruit on a wagon that she has hooked up to her bicycle.

The locals were so engaging with us. Even though there was a huge language barrier, it was really broken with kindness, smiles and lots of hand signals! Notice the beautiful trees? You really don’t see many when you are in Beijing. I read somewhere that there are 4,000 knotted cypress tress scattered throughout this park. Some are as old as 800 years!

This precious lady had a lot of get up and go as she was doing her workout. We were wondering if Senior Citizens get into the park for free with the amount of seniors who were there. It was so great to see so many talented and energetic people.

This group of men and women diligently moving the floral baton up and down and all around using two sticks in their hands. All the while while they are moving their legs and feet together while in rows. Very impressive. It must take a lot of practice to make the choreography look so easy! I could have watched them all day long!

The park employees keep the grounds extremely clean. They are very proficient, constantly walking through the park and using these tiny, uneven brooms and dust pans.

The Temple of Heaven is pictured directly behind Meg & Kate. It was incredibly cool to see something that was originally built in 1420 that is still standing and operating. People can tour the inside today.

This man was using a can of water to dip his long calligraphy stick and brush. He then wrote Chinese Calligraphy using the brush on the pavement. The letters stayed a little bit before they would eventually evaporate. I really needed an interpreter with me at all times to figure out everything that was going on.

There are a lot of friendly games going on through the park. This resembles checkers to me. I watched for a little bit, but had no idea of what they were doing.

Everywhere we turned they was a new activity. These people had music playing and were just dancing away, doing their own thing.

We loved Beijing. I will be posting more posts from Beijing to include more people and sights to see like the Great Wall in great detail.

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