The 5 Spot Cafe – Lawrenceville GA

The 5 Spot Cafe in Lawrenceville Georgia is absolutely one of my favorite gluten free restaurants to visit. I have enjoyed their gluten free breakfasts and lunches and have not been disappointed one time! Last week I was able to visit with the Owner, Scott Murad. I told Scott how much I LOVED his gluten free options at his restaurant as well as the fact that I know it’s a safe environment for me to eat. I have never gotten sick at the 5 Spot Cafe. Scott brought me a sample of his homemade tomato-basil soup. Ohhhhh myyyy goodness!! It was fabulous. Just more gluten free yumminess! Scott also brought me a sample of gluten free crackers that his baker makes. Crispy and a bit salty with lots of flavor. His baker needs to market them! I would buy them, but until then, stop by The 5 Spot Cafe and try them yourself. Tell Scott that Rose sent you!

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Check out this delicious San Francisco Burger….a burger sitting inside grilled garlic-parmesan toasted gluten free bread (on my FAVORITE gluten free bread Pure Knead!) with avocado, Boar’s Head Swiss Cheese, hickory-smoked bacon, green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, Boar’s Head pickles, and 1000 Island Dressing! AND gluten free fries cooked to perfection in a designated fryer! Just a dream of a lunch packed with so many flavors!

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Okay, now I’m in heaven! This brownie topped of my lunch and I about needed a fork lift to carry me out to the car! I was so full, but it was so worth it! This gluten free chocolate chip brownie, which also happens to be nut and dairy free, is topped with gluten free pumpkin ice cream. A dream in every bite! The brownie is so moist and warm when served. The pumpkin ice cream is a taste of Fall with a creamy swirl.

Care for breakfast?

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How about this flavor packed plate full of food! Doesn’t this just look delicious and fresh? The bacon is cooked right to my specific request as “crispy”. This is actually a combination of two dishes, that my friend Lisa and I both ordered a few months back so we could share! What a fun way to begin our day. We ordered the Egg White & Veggie…an open face omelet made with spinach, mushrooms, caramelized onions, tomatoes and feta cheese. We opted for the fresh fruit instead of the roasted potatoes. The omelet came with the side of bacon. We also ordered the french toast that again is featuring my ALL TIME FAVORITE bread, Pure Knead! The maple syrup was a perfect touch when I poured it over the french toast. We enjoyed every bite!

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I hope you will be able to try out the 5 Spot Cafe in Lawrenceville Georgia  If you live local, it’s a safe spot to revisit often. If you are traveling through Georgia, you need to pop in because you won’t be disappointed! Please tell them Rose from UnexpectedDiscoveries sent you!

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