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Wildflour Bakery ~ Lawrenceville New Jersey

Updated: Mar 1

Wildflour Bakery in Lawrenceville New Jersey was an incredible Unexpected Discovery! I once again lucked out using the Find Me Gluten Free App on my iPhone. Wildflour Bakery-Cafe popped up so we decided to pop in.

Just look how charming it is!

Bakeries and I just get along so well. They get me! I’ve been enjoying bakeries since I was young grow growing up in Central NY where there are large Italian and Polish communities. The most delicious foods I have ever had! People up at dawn baking and cooking up a storm. The scents, textures and beautiful creations are just amazing. It’s such comfort food for me.

So when I am traveling, I am always on the hunt for terrific gluten free bakeries. Gluten Free bakeries where you would never begin to believe that the pastries are not full of gluten. I love sharing my fabulous finds with you. I am in awe at what some pretty amazing people can come up with. And I love eating my way through all of my finds.

We popped in for lunch after church on a Sunday and brought a box of desserts back home. After polishing off that box, I wished I had bought another box full because it was all just so good and I didn’t get to try everything behind the counter!!

I ordered the Everything Bagel with Lox and Cream cheese, red onion and tomato with a side salad and a cup of the Butternut Squash Soup. It was absolutely delicious.

My daughter Meg enjoyed the Vegetable Soup with a Black Bean Quesadilla which was served with salsa and guacamole and a cup of soup.

We were too full to enjoy dessert right after we ate, so we brought a box of pastries back home with us.

Everything behind the glass counter looked just incredible. I decided on the Linzer Tarts, Russian Tea Cakes, Egg Tart, Chocolate and Raspberry Rugalach, Apricot Walnut Rugalach, and an Almond Croissant. I was so excited to try two of my childhood favorites….Rugalach and Linzer Tarts! Just as delicious as I used to have, but gluten free!

There were SO many other delicious baked goods to choose from. They make cream puffs, apple turnovers, muffins, energy bars, cheesecake bites, apple pies, tartlets, raspberry mousse cream puffs, scones, biscotti, layer cakes, chocolate banana vegan cakes, lemon meringue pie, potato knish, bagels, pretzel nuggets, german chocolate cake, to just name a few. Can you believe that list!!

A snapshot of inside my to-go box!

Care for bread? They also make focaccia, dinner rolls, hoagie rolls, baguettes, pumpernickel bread and challah bread. Oh my goodness! I would need months to be able to taste everything!

Check out their entire menu to see for yourself. Or better yet, pop in to see them in person. Tell Marilyn I sent you. You won’t regret it. And you won’t begin to believe that absolutely everything is gluten free! It’s the BEST!! http://wildflourbakery-cafe.com

Address: 2691 Main Street (also known as Route 206) near the corner of Gordon Avenue in Lawrenceville, NJ. Parking is available in the back of the building and is accessible from Main Street.

Hours: Closed Mondays. Tue. – Fri. 8am – 5pm, Sat. and Sun. 10am – 3pm

Enjoy, Rose

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