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Your Pie is one of my favorite gluten free pizzas out there. Made fresh off the line in the back for me! The pizza is so good and then there is the gelato and sorbet for dessert. Enjoy 11 flavors that are gluten free! Gluten Free Brownies are coming soon! Did you know that their gelato is 93% fat free? Did you know that their sorbet is 99% fat free? I recently tried their Blood Orange Sorbet that has candied oranges mixed in. Your Pie is one of my favorites! It’s Delish!!

The line moves quickly, so don’t avoid walking in if you see people waiting to order. Janelly is pictured here tending to the pizzas cooking in the oven. Her smile is big and constant while she is on shift! Your gluten free order begins with the staff asking if it’s preference or ‘allergy’. When you stress the importance of ‘allergy’, they immediately change out their gloves and retrieve your gf crust. Your pizza order is written down and your pizza order is then made in the back, off the front line to avoid cross contamination.The gf pizzas are placed in their own baking dish. My favorite is the Great White, altered a bit. When it’s all finished, it has olive oil, marinara sauce, ricotta & mozzarella cheese, garlic, pepperoni and sometimes spinach. Oh my goodness, it is beyond fabulous. I like mine cooked a bit longer than typical so the pepperoni is a bit crispy! You should try it sometime! This Your Pie is my favorite because they know how to cook the gluten free pizza crust just right….not too soft and mushy or hard and dry…..just right!!! And served with a smile!

Pie Day is on March 14th! $3.14 pizzas!!! Holy Cow what a deal! (Gluten Free upcharge) Expect long lines.

Opening Day Anniversary on September 27th. Be sure to pop in for prizes and giveaways!

A Family Meal Deal=4 pizzas, 4 sides (gelato, chips or salad) and 4 drinks $35 (Additional uncharge for GF pizza dough)

Another good deal……….

You could also check out Your Pie in Covington. The staff is again so intentional, friendly and hard working. Every pizza looks phenomenal coming out of the oven!

Pizza Wishes, Rose

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